Rocket Launch in SpacePort America Cup..


About us

We are Team Abhyuday, nurtured by the bright minds at IITM and CFI, all wanting to push India to the next phase of rocketry. We are a team with fresh minds from different engineering disciplines but with the same passion for space, we really believe that the next frontier of technology would be space.

Team Abhyuday is the Rocketry team of IIT Madras, composed of 59 bright and passionate students representing diverse academic fields. Our remarkable journey in space exploration includes securing the 16th rank globally in terms of flight performance among 150+ competing teams, a remarkable feat we achieved in the prestigious Spaceport America Cup. We stand as a testament to innovation, and our commitment to reaching new heights in rocketry culture drives us forward. As the first IIT to perform tremendously in this esteemed competition, we're pioneering the growth of rocketry in India and beyond.